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SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.17
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Efficient engineering
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WinCC Open Architecture relies consistently on object orientation for process images and the database structure. This enables efficient and simple mass engineering and swift creation of projects with a number of parallel developments. Systematic and considered use of the object oriented characteristics results in a change to the engineering process. In comparison with conventional methods, savings of up to 70% can often be made on engineering costs.

Engineering with WinCC Open Architecture:
  • Object-oriented databases and graphics
  • Flexible plant model allows to represent your plant data points with different flexible hierarchies Importing and exporting application data
  • Importing and exporting application data
  • A high degree of standardization / normalization
  • Changes and enhancements possible during normal operation
  • Creation of a particular „smart“ engineering tool
  • Implementation of extremely complex, heterogeneous systems
  • Greater convenience for project engineers and users

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