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Maintenance management
ETM professional control GmbH
Advanced Maintenance Suite (AMS) is an easily parameterisable tool for efficient planning, management, execution and control of maintenance work and breakdown remedy. It saves money, improves the quality of your system and can be expanded by SCADA functionality.

With AMS
  • you will have an overview of all events (Event overview)
  • you will generate work orders automatically (Work order)
  • you will select the proper technicians (Technician selection)
  • the process routines will be recorded for each application (Action plan)
  • you define what will happen if nothing happens (Escalation methods)
  • you can optimise your spare parts inventory (Spare parts optimisation)
  • you will secure the consistent quality of the system (Quality assurance)
  • you can retrieve knowledge on push of a button (Knowledge database)
  • you will control your maintenance tasks more efficiently (Maintenance management)

For each scheduled maintenance task or spurious error event, checklists can be produced beforehand with detailed work instructions, possibly required spares, system and equipment documentation, as well as regulations. When such an event occurs in a system, AMS automatically triggers a work order, which a dispatcher then assigns to a maintainer with the appropriate qualification. AMS informs the maintainer who can start immediately on the assigned task. By means of the spare parts codes and tool names recorded in the system, stores are informed simultaneously with the maintainer and can start their preparations at the same time. The checklist is systematically worked off by the maintainer, AMS registers the completed tasks and the work order is successfully closed off with additional information from the maintainer. If the instructions and information provided in a checklist do not lead to solving the problem, the maintainer has the possibility to query a database for possible solutions. At any time, the parties involved can deposit solutions in this database or search for descriptions of solutions that fit an actual situation. The deposited solutions form the basis for a later reworking of the checklists and ensure the transfer of knowledge between staff members, service providers or both. In order to systematically reduce reoccurrences of similar failures, problem, cause and remedy are recorded at the completion of each work order. This allows to conduct, at a later stage, analyses in the form of reports, derive measures for quality assurance and obtain accounting information. If work orders are not completed within a defined time period, AMS automatically controls their escalation. In this way, no order can be overlooked and completion on time is guaranteed.


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