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SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.17
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Distributed systems
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One of the outstanding features of WinCC Open Architecture is its capability of managing distributed and widely spread systems.
  • Transparent access to all distributed system data (history, online data, alarms, configuration, etc. )
  • Command of a subsystem can be kept local or from every connected system
  • System diagrams from connected systems can be viewed from other systems
  • The connection (modem, ISDN, LAN) between the individual systems can be permanent or temporary
  • Alarms from connected systems can also be displayed and acknowledged on other systems
  • The individual sub-systems of a distributed system can be single-site or multi-site, singular or redundant systems
  • Easy parameterization and extension of further systems afterwards

Configuring and maintaining a distributed system in former time required a high amount of engineering effort due to a high number of settings and configuration steps that must be applied on several systems. The Dist-Management reduces the engineering effort and simplifies the necessary settings.

The Dist-Management is based on a master - client architecture and therefore one system must be specified as master system. The master system is the only system which is allowed to modify the configuration of the distributed system. The changes made on the master system are synchronized to the client systems.

Following data can be synchronized:
  • User, groups, areas
  • DP-groups and user-defined DP-groups
  • Alert classes
  • Alert screen configuration
  • Trend configuration
Distributed systems

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