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The particle accelerator Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the European nuclear research center CERN is the biggest machine and also the biggest research project of the world. Cooling, electricity supply and many other parameters of the huge project on the French-Swiss border supervises our software: WinCC OA.

The worldwide biggest research center for particle physics can be described almost only with superlatives. More than hundred countries co-operate with each other and on site more than 2,000 employees work there to elicit our universe the last existing secrets. Heart of the research center is the LHC which was put into operation in 2008 after more than 20-years of planning and construction. In the 27-kilometre long and up to 150 meters underground tunnel, elementary particles get accelerated with nearly speed of light and brought to the collision with all-time force. During this process energy develops like seconds after they developed after the big bang. Because of these extremely complex analyses of such a collisions, basic knowledge about the composition of the material and the universe can be won with luck and perseverance.

As the biggest success of all basic researchers counts the experimental proof of the Higgs particle in 2012 - it has been the last still missing stone in the standard model of physics. In future the scientists want to deal above all with the dark material and dark energy which takes 96 percent of the universe and is not proved yet.

The CERN is also a Mecca for IT and computer scientist. The British scientist Tim Berners-Lee developed there in 1989 the World Wide web (WWW), originally to be able to supply physicist all over the world with the data from the accelerator experiments.

We received the surcharge for the SCADA system in 2000. In the open architecture of our software "WinCC OA" it is possible to insert specific demands like it is possible in an empty Excel table: By the scalability, openness and the flexibility of WinCC OA the user is able to realise the suitable SCADA solution for his branch. The software which has been originally only used for the control of the LHC detectors is today used to supervise the complete infrastructure of the CERN - from the cryptogenic cooling of the superconductive magnets of the LHC up to the power supply and the ventilators.

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