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SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.16 FP2 – thinking digitalization further

The more digitalization is established in modern world, the more requirements are asked for by companies regarding their projects. Automation and the started digitalization already helped to speed up and optimize in many ways. Looking back at the last years shows: Digitalization is growing in big steps. Now the time has come to face modern topics as well as challenges regarding the field of digitalization. The new included Features for SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.16 are increasing the possibilities to build more secure systems as well as modern functions to connect to Cloud Services. Furthermore enhancements regarding usability are integrated to Feature Pack 2.

New & improved engineering functions
Integration of map material is now entering a new level: Due to a new interface for Map Widgets it is possible to introduce customer-owned maps as well as Google Maps. Furthermore it is possible to integrate maps based on OpenStreetMap. It is also possible to choose offline card material to be shown in the User Interface. This reduces needed data volume regarding map actualization.

When using ULC UX, it is now possible to use a JavaScript Widget, too. This means to use customer-implemented JavaScript objects as well as existing libraries for better “look-and-feel”-functionality.

Even higher levels of protection
We are proud to announce, WinCC OA is certified based on IEC61508 again. This has been stated by TÜV Süd and means a higher integration of security to projects up to SIL3.

Furthermore we introduce a driver for ProfiNET and ProfiSAFE to create a consistent communication running from PLC to the SCADA system without any needed change of communication protocol.

A new feature was added to the IEC 61850 protocol supporting hardware redundancy on PLC side to prevent loss of availability on-site.

Supporting M2M and Cloud connections
A new driver for using MQTT protocol can be integrated to your project. By enabling MQTT it is possible to realize connections using small band-widths and this means flexible solutions ranging from M2M up to cloud based solutions.

Further enhancements
WinCC OA offers a high code coverage based on automatic tests reaching more than 95%. This means higher quality assurance and leads to fewer maintenance costs.

Introducing high speed programming functionalities allow to reduce engineering efforts based on enhanced scripting opportunities as well as decreased efforts on documentation. Integration of Doxygen and export functionalities ease the documentation, while autocompletion helps creating efficient development.

Maps Widget
EN61508 - SIL 3E

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