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Extension of the WinCC OA release cycles

Productive and appreciative communication and information sharing with our customers and partners are of great importance to us. We make any reasonable effort to address the requirements raised towards our product and clearly any customer requests.

Therefore we have decided to extend the release cycle of the WinCC OA major version from 12 to 18 months.

A major reason was the areas of deployment for our software; for runtime systems it is uncommon to introduce content upgrades to the market at such short high-frequency intervals such as 12 months since project implementation using our software also involves some time.
Recent customer surveys support this extension since the primary objective pursued by our customers is to start the productive phase using the installed solution as quickly as possible.

Ein weiterer, wichtiger Vorteil eines 18 monatigen Release-Zykluses ist die dadurch deutliche verlängerte Produktunterstützung welche wiederum unseren Kunden die Möglichkeit gibt, länger als bisher auf eine WinCC OA Version zu setzen.
Als Beispiel möchten wir hier die Version WinCC OA V3.15 nennen, bei der sich die offizielle Herstellerproduktunterstützung von bisher 3 Jahren auf voraussichtlich 4,5 Jahre erweitert.

Another significant benefit of the 18 month release cycle is considerably extended product support, which then enables our customers to rely on a WinCC OA version over a longer period than before. We would like to use the version WinCC OA V3.15 as an example for which the official vendor support will presumably be extended from currently three to four and a half years.
For some functionalities we will continue providing “feature-based patches” for the respective current version. This brings us closer to our objective of continuous delivery, also benefiting internally from this change.

Regardless of this extension, any corrections or enhancements of the included functions will be supplied as patches.

In brief you receive the following benefits:

  • more functions in the major version
  • feature-based patches – continuous delivery
  • quality increase through longer testing phases
  • considerably extended product support

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